• Category: News
  • Date 18-08-2022

NPO TER is a Non-Governmental Organizational, which operates in Rwanda, it organizes an annual Peace Concert, which aims to promote culture peace in primary education, it also includes culture exchange between Rwanda and Japan as the areas of operations of NPO TER.                      

This peace concert invites different artists like Kesho band, a traditional singer Man Martin, traditional dance and Umuco Mwiza students Origami presentation as the Japanese cultural art of making the decorative materials from papers.

As an annual event, this year 2021 we have celebrated peace concert with the topic say: “Let’s learn from our history Rwanda and Japan”. The event was celebrated at Sunday 15thAugust, 2021 online at our different platforms, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and at Zoom where we hosted different guest from Rwanda and Japan.                                                                                                  At this time we have different performer like a very known Afro singer Man Martin with Kesho band, traditional dance lead by Thierry who is also an artist in drawing, karate, origami and song performance of Umuco Mwiza students and the poem of Keza Brenda all with the one aim of cultivating peace in young and old generations.

Not only the artists, but also, we had persons with testimonies; a 1994 genocide against Tutsi at Rwanda side and a Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bomb at Japan site survivors who told the audiences what they went through and how they have overcomed them. Therefore, they asked the audiences to live in peace with everyone.

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