Celebrating Transformation

Celebrating Transformation

  • Category: News
  • Date 16-04-2024

In Miyove Sector, Gicumbi District, a heartwarming celebration marked the triumphant conclusion of the Independent Support for Poorest Residents Project (ISPR). As the project's final phase ended, community members, NPO staff and Rotarians gathered to Honor the journey of transformation that had unfolded over the past three years.

The festivities began with a vibrant display of traditional Rwandan dance and music, filling the air with rhythmic beats and lively melodies. From young children to elders, everyone joined in the spirited revelry, dancing with joy and exuberance to celebrate the achievements of the ISPR Project.

Against the backdrop of the setting sun, tables were adorned with a feast of Rwandan delicacies, showcasing the rich Flavors and culinary traditions of the region. Community members shared hearty meals of ibirayo (Irish potatoes), ibijumba (sweet potatoes), imyumbati (cassava), and ikigage (sorghum beer) and other local specialties, savouring the Flavors of home and the bonds of togetherness.

As the celebration progressed, representatives from the local government took to the stage to offer words of gratitude and reflection. They commended the dedication and hard work of all NPO staff, Hobara Rotary Club in Japan and Rotary Club of Kigali Virunga in the ISPR Project, recognizing the profound impact it had made on the community and its residents.

In the spirit of celebration, community members shared stories and memories of the project's journey, recounting the challenges overcome and the victories achieved. From the installation of rainwater harvesting systems to the distribution of home furniture and the promotion of adult literacy, the ISPR Project had touched every aspect of community life.