Mrs. TWIZEYIMANA Elisabeth

Mrs. TWIZEYIMANA Elisabeth

Field officer

TWIZEYIMANA Elisabeth, is a field Officer at NPO Think About Education in Rwanda, she hold a bachelor’s degree in Law at Kigali Independent University and completed training at AJPRODHO JIJUKIRWA Human Right Center, she had an opportunity and completed an internship in Intermediate Court of NYARUGENGE, after completion of her academic she carried out a research in COPORWA related on life conditions of Historically Marginalized People.

Elisabeth attended different international conferences such as 117th session of Human Right Committee at Geneva, Participation in 9th session of Expert Mechanism of indigenous Right at Geneva, Participation in the 66th session of The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) at Geneva, Participation in the 16th Meeting of Parties of the Congo Basin Forest Partnership at Kigali Convention Center, Participation in the formation on the prisoners’ rights organized by Maison de Droits (MDD).

Elisabeth served as an intern and volunteer in her life career some of the services she delivered in her past are: internship of 6 months in National Agricultural Export Development Board and volunteer to sensitizer historical marginalize women and vulnerable women to know their right in HCDO, Participation in Rwanda Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) for Rwanda Development Goals 5(SDG5, Participation in Regional Conference on Universal Periodic Review (UPR) at Kigali Rwanda.

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